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Who We Are

Xiangkuan Textile - Adding Color to Human Attire. We provide distinctive and quality clothing fabrics for garment brands.
Xiangkuan Textile is located in one of the five largest cotton-producing areas in China -Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province,with natural resource advantages and a strategic location in a traditional textile baseļ¼Œspecializing in the production of woven clothing fabrics with cotton fiber as the main component.We offer a variety of custom-made fabrics in small batches with quick delivery to meet your urgent needs.
Our expertise lies in durable Proban flame retardant and CP flame retardant treatments, as well as functional finishes such as wrinkle-free, Teflon stains resistance, nanotechnology anti-pollution, antimicrobial, and various coatings, adding value to our fabrics.
Our testing equipment is in accordance with ITS laboratory standards, enables us to meet all inspection indicators. Our quality management system is certified by ISO9001, while our environmental management system is certified by ISO14001. Our products have received certification from the Swiss textile inspection agency Oeko-Tex Standard 100. As well as the organic cotton product certification issued by IMO, the Swiss Ecological Market Research Institute.These certifications have allowed our products to smoothly enter the European, American, and Japanese markets, winning the favor of many world-renowned brands.
Xiangkuan textile factory covers an area of nearly 2,000 acres with over 5,000 employees. We have advanced production equipment and scientific production management systems, with five large-scale dyeing production lines and several short-flow configurations, providing a monthly capacity of around 5 million meters. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, cooperation, innovation, and win-win", with a focus on studying customer needs and helping customers succeed. Based on above, Xiangkuan Textile has established long-term partnerships with many global renowned brands and has a highly skilled research and development, production, and management team. We invest heavily in sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes, focusing on water saving, decreasing energy and material consumption, and reducing waste emissions. Additionally, we value social responsibility and provide excellent working conditions and fair salaries for our employees. We actively participate in various charitable activities to make a positive contribution to society.
As your new fabric development and supply base, Xiangkuan Textile is willing to work together with you for mutual development!

Why Choose Us

At present, the company have 5200 employees and total assets of 1.5 billion yuan.The Company now is equipped with 150 thousand cotton spindle, Italian automatic winders machines and many other imported equipment including 450 air jet looms, 150 type 340 rapier looms, 200 type 280 rapier looms, 1200 shuttle loom. The annual output of various kinds of cotton yarn to 3000 tons, the annual output of various specification of greige cloth to 50 million meters. The company now has 6 dyeing lines and 6 rotary screen printing lines, including 3 imported setting machines, 3 German Monforts preshrinking machines, 3 Italian carbon peach machines, 2 German Mahlo weft straightener etc. Besides, the dyeing factory is equipped with constant and humidity laboratory and automatic color matching instrument etc. The annual output of dyed and printed fabrics is 80 million meters, 85% of the fabrics were exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries.

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Our Technology

The company takes the eco-environment protection as its direction constantly, recent years it developed many new fabrics which were made of bamboo fibre and sangma etc, those new fabrics also have health care and eco-environment function such as nano-anion, aloe-skincare, amino acid-skincare, etc. The company has obtained Oeko-tex standard 100 certification, ISO 9000 quality management system certification, OCS, CRS and GOTS certification. The company also pays much attention to environment protection and takes clean production actively. There is a sewage treatment plants which can process sewage 5000MT per day and recycling facilities for reclaimed water 1000 MT per day.
We sincerely invites you to develop together and go forward hand in hand!

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