70% cotton 30% polyester plain fabric 96*56/32/2*200D for outdoor garments, bags and hats, coat, casual garments

Short Description:

Art No.: KFB1703704                               Composition:70%Cotton30%Polyester

Yarn Count:32/2*200D                         Density:96*56

Full Width:57/58″                                   Weave: Plain

Weight:190g/㎡                                         Fabric Characteristics:High strength, stiff and smooth, functional, water resistance

Available Color: Dark Navy, Stone     Finish: Regular and Water Resistance




The advantages and of polyester-cotton fabrics, polyester-cotton fabrics refer to polyester-cotton blended fabrics, with polyester as the main component, woven from 60%-67% polyester and 33%-40% cotton blended yarns

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Art No. KFB1703704
Composition 70%Cotton30%Polyester
Yarn Count 32/2*200D
Density 96*56
Full Width 57/58″
Weave  Plain
Weight 190g/㎡
Fabric Characteristics  High strength, stiff and smooth, functional, water resistance
Available Color Dark Navy, Stone
Finish Regular and Water Resistance
Width Instruction Edge-to-edge
Density Instruction Finished Fabric Density
Delivery Port Any port in China
Sample Swatches Available
Packing Rolls, fabrics length less than 30 yards are not acceptable.
Min order quantity 5000 meter per color,5000 meter per order
Production Time 25-30days
Supply Ability 300,000 meters per month
End Use Coat, Pants, Outdoor Garments, etc.
Payment Terms T/T in advance, LC at sight.
Shipment Terms FOB, CRF and CIF, etc.

Fabric Inspection:

This fabric can meet GB/T standard, ISO standard, JIS standard, US standard. All the fabrics will be 100 percent inspected before shipment according to American four point system standard.

What is polyester-cotton interwoven fabric? What are the characteristics?

At present, various new fabrics emerge in an endless stream in the international market. Among them, there is a kind of high-quality and beautiful fabrics that are emerging, and the sales volume in the market is increasing day by day. This kind of fabric is a polyester-cotton interwoven fabric. The reason why it can be popular in the market is mainly because the fabric combines the wrinkle resistance and drape of polyester and the comfort, breath ability and anti-static properties of cotton yarn.
It is precisely because this interwoven fabric has so many advantages at the same time, so people often use it to make various spring and autumn casual wear, and can also be used as a fashionable fabric for summer shirts and skirts. In addition, the price of the fabric is relatively economical, which can be said to be inexpensive. Therefore, many operators are very optimistic about its future development, and it is expected that the sales of this fabric will be smoother in the future.
So far, this polyester-cotton interwoven fabric has been widely used in the market. It can not only be used to make various tooling, but also can be used as a casual clothing fabric.


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