98% cotton2%Elastane 3/1 S Twill180*64/32*21+70D Wrinkle Resistance fabric for pants, shirts, casual garments.

Short Description:

Art No.: MBT0014D                          Composition:98%Cotton2%Elastane

Yarn Count: 32*21+70D                  Density:180*64

Full Width:57/58″                             Weave: 3/1 S Twill

Weight:232g/㎡                                  Finish: Wrinkle Resistance,Easy Care

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Art No. MBT0014D
Composition 98%Cotton2%Elastane
Yarn Count 32*21+70D
Density 180*64
Full Width 57/58″
Weave 3/1 S Twill
Weight 232g/㎡
Finish Wrinkle Resistance,Easy Care
Fabric Characteristics:  comfortable, non-iron, no-iron, wash and wear, durable press, and easy care
Available Color Navy etc.
Width Instruction Edge-to-edge
Density Instruction Finished Fabric Density
Delivery Port Any port in China
Sample Swatches Available
Packing Rolls, fabrics length less than 30 yards are not acceptable.
Min order quantity 5000 meter per color,5000 meter per order
Production Time  30days
Supply Ability 150,000 meters per month
End Use Shirts, Pants, Casual Garments, etc.
Payment Terms T/T in advance, LC at sight.
Shipment Terms FOB, CRF and CIF, etc.

Fabric Inspection:

This fabric can meet GB/T standard, ISO standard, JIS standard, US standard. All the fabrics will be 100 percent inspected before shipment according to American four point system standard.

What Does Wrinkle Resistant Mean?

In very simple terms, it means you no longer have to iron your button down shirts in order for them to look good when you put them on.
In order to achieve a wrinkle resistant characteristic, the fabric has been chemically processed to resist wrinkles and hold its shape.  This treatment has a lasting effect on the fabric.
The History of Wrinkle Resistant Fabrics and Clothing
The process to create wrinkle resistant fabrics was invented in the 1940’s and was primarily known as “permanent press” for decades.  The acceptance of permanent press was not very good through the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Many people liked the idea of not having to iron their shirts, but the execution of the science on the fabric was not yet perfected.
But clothing manufacturers persisted and significant advancements were made in the 1990’s that now give us these easy to care for shirts.

Today – Wrinkle Free Shirts are Wash and Wear

Today wrinkle resistant dress shirts are great looking and perform better than their older variations. In the past, wrinkle resistant shirts would save you time ironing after every wash, but they still needed to be ironed once in a while in order to keep the wrinkle resistant characteristics.
But today wrinkle resistant shirts can be pulled directly from the dryer and worn without worry. On top of not having to be ironed, modern wrinkle resistant shirts can be worn all day without showing signs of creases.
Wrinkle Resistant dress shirts also come in a wide variety of different fabrics. It is true that in the past, many were made of polyester or other synthetic fabrics, but modern wrinkle resistant shirts can be made of cotton, polyester and even cotton-poly blends.  This means that when you purchase wrinkle-resistant button down shirts, they will look just as natural as your traditional cotton button down shirts.

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