Fluoro-free waterproof fabric FAQ

PFOA, PFOS have caused global pollution, fluorine pollution problem tends to be serious, PFOA is the most difficult to degrade organic matter, which even has been found in the Arctic; on October 27,2017,  (PFOA) as class 2B carcinogens was listed in the WHO International Institute of Cancer carcinogens list . At present, 33 species fluoride compounds have been restrict,and PFOA FREE,PFOS FREE waterproof fabrics become more and more popular.


1)Mechanism of action of fluorine-free waterproof

The essence of waterproof is to increase the contact angle between droplets and the fabric surface, generally realized through waterproof finishing; Fabric waterproof finishing is the process of conveying the functional polymer with waterproof effect to the fabric through water phase, and forming a regular and orderly directional arrangement on the surface of the fabric,playing the waterproof effect.

Fluorous waterproof depends on the strong crystallization properties of fluoride monomer, which easily completes the regular directional arrangement on the fabric surface. But about the crystallization performance of weak fluorine-free waterproof agent, which want to achieve the same waterproof effect will be more difficult, so the general fluorine-free waterproof agent will design special “fixed component” to help the waterproof assembly on the fabric. The difference in the performance of each fluorine-free waterproof agent is largely according to the difference of fixed components.

(2)Fluor-free waterproof processing difficulties and solutions

a. How to reduce the production of white marks?

In the process of fluorine-free waterproof, due to the paraffin components in the waterproof agent,waterproof agents accumulate on the fiber surface and many other reasons,which lead white marks to appear on the fabric easily. The fluorine-free waterproof agent TF-5016A can reduce the production of white marks by reducing the paraffin component and reduce the waterproof agent particle size. In view of the higher requirements of the white mark improvement problem, the silicon-containing type without fluorine waterproof agent TF-5910 is the better choice.

b. How to improve the waterproof effect?

Fluoro-free waterproof agent crystallization is poor, the surface tension is too large, may appear the fabric surface is not fresh, sticky water beads and other phenomena. Fluor-free waterproof agent TF-5016 strong waterproof products can be used to improve the fabric by reducing the surface tension of fluorine-free waterproof agent, improve the crystallization, improve the waterproof effect of the fabric.

In the process of fluorine-free waterproof processing, there will also be pain points such as poor stripping strength, poor water pressure resistance, wrong cracks, large color change, poor drying properties after washing, and so on. Which can also be improved as below solutions.



Post time: Sep-15-2022