The effect of raw cotton maturity on cotton knot content during spinning

1. The strength and elasticity of fibers with poor raw cotton maturity are worse than mature fibers. It is easy to break and produce cotton knot in production due to the processing of rolling flowers and clearing cotton.
A textile research institute divided the proportion of different mature fibers in the raw materials into three groups, namely M1R=0.85, M2R=0.75, and M3R=0.65 for the spinning test. The test results and the number of gauze cotton knots are listed in the table as below.

The above table shows that the greater the proportion of immature fibers in raw cotton, the more cotton knot in the yarn.
With the three groups of raw cotton woven, although the problem was not found on the blank cloth, the white points of raw cotton with large immature fiber content were found to be significantly increased than the white points of raw cotton with large mature fiber content.
2. The fineness and maturity of raw cotton are generally expressed by the micron value. The better the raw cotton maturity, the higher micron value, the different original cotton varieties, and the different micron value.
The raw cotton with high maturity has better elasticity and higher strength, it will not produce any cotton knot in the spinning process。 The fiber with low maturity , due to the poor rigidity, and low single strength, in the same strike conditions, it is easier to produce cotton knot and short fiber.
If the clear cotton beater speed is 820 rpm, because of the different micron value, the cotton knot and short velvet are also different, but the corresponding lower beater speed, the situation will be improved, as shown in the table.


The above table shows that the the difference of fiber fineness and maturity and the different micron value impact on the yarn cotton knot content is also different.

3. In the selection of raw cotton and the design of clearing cotton and comb technology,except the length, miscellaneous, cashmere and other indicators, more attention should be paid on the selection of raw cotton and micron value. Especially in the production of upland cotton and long stapled cotton, themicron value is more important, the selection range of micron value is generally 3.8-4.2. In the design of spinning technology, we should also pay attention to the maturity of cotton fiber, so as to ensure the reduction of raw cotton knot and improve the quality of spinning, weaving and dyeing stably.


Post time: Jan-14-2022