Unexpectedly, bananas actually had such an amazing “textile talent”!

In recent years, people is paying more and more attention to health and environmental protection, and plant fiber has become more popular.Banana fiber has also been renewed attention by the textile industry.
Banana is one of the most favorite fruits of people, known as “happy fruit” and “the fruit of wisdom”.There are 130 countries cultivating bananas in the world, with the largest production in Central America, followed by Asia. According to the statistics, more than 2 million tons banana stem rods are discarded every year in China alone, which causing a huge waste of resources.However, in recent years, banana stem rods have no longer been discarded, and the use of banana stem rods to extract textile fiber (banana fiber) has become a hot topic.
Banana fiber is made from banana stem rod, mainly is composed of cellulose, semi-cellulose and lignin, which can be used for cotton spinning after chemical peeling. Using biological enzyme and chemical oxidation combined treatment process, Through drying, refined, and degradation ,the fiber has light quality, good luster, high absorbance, strong antibacterial, easy degradation and environmental protection and many other functions.

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Making fabrics with banana fiber is not new. In Japan in the early 13th century, fiber production was made from the stems of banana trees.But with the rise of cotton and silk in China and India, the technology of making fabrics from bananas has gradually disappeared.
Banana fiber is one of the strongest fibers in the world, and this biodegradable natural fiber is very durable.

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Banana fiber can be made into different fabrics according to the different weights and thickness of different parts of different banana stems. The solid and thick fiber is extracted from the outer sheath, while the inner sheath is mostly extracted from soft fibers.
I believe that in the near future, we will see all kinds of banana fiber made of clothes in the shopping mall.

Post time: Jan-14-2022